ODSIG presents: OD and Design Thinking Series

  • February 07, 2014
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • OD-SIG of Tampa Bay: February 7th Meeting Location: Location: ITT, 4809 Memorial Hwy, Tampa, FL The ITT building is behind the "Extended Stay" hotel. Please use the front entrance, on the west side of the ITT building


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Our second session in ongoing series for 2014 on "OD & Design Thinking"

Part Two, February 7
The design work of Organization Development;
a new way of thinking about how we do 

what we do.
On February 7, we will continue to explore the intersection of design and OD, via a collaborative drill-down into our roles as OD consultants.  


In a video introduction to "Managing as Designing" (See Conference Introduction) Professor Richard Borland of Case Western expresses an insight which will guide our discussion. He says...


"What managers do most of the time is design things; design organizations, design products, design services, design processes. If they become better designers, they become better managers.... and the world needs new kinds of organizational forms, new ways to communicate, new ways of creating teams, new ways of collaborating across organizations, new ways of approaching familiar problems with an attitude that the alternatives that we have taken for granted in the past are not good enough."


This is the work that we share with managers in organizations.  In fact, almost everything we do as we develop individuals, teams and organizations involves a process that we design, expressed most simply in how we introduce or utilize a familiar tool.  
More than we realize, much of the work we do as consultants involves design. And, like the managers we serve, a more conscious embrace of these principles can serve us well.


With the continuing help of Tom Szumlic and Emily Rogers, we'll build on our workplace improvement study, using Design Attitude, thinking and principles.  Kent Linder will share an OD design case-history, and we'll revisit the Zappos relocation story as we continue our play with a design for their physical space.  In our interactions, we'll discover how we function as designers, and mine these insights for future learnings, both individually and as a group.

We hope you will join us on February 7.  

Take a few minutes to reflect on these question before our session:



 What are your favorite/most effective development tools?  

 (Please bring a list to hand in. We can will compile and share the list.)

Bring  story to share of 
how you have adapted a tool 
and/or the way you use a tool.

View this 7 minute video, mentioned above:



Our Facilitators:

 Emily Rogers

 Tom Szumlic.

Our time & location:

OD-SIG of Tampa Bay, 
February Gathering
Friday, February 7, 2014  9am-12pm
Location: ITT, 4809 Memorial Hwy, Tampa, FL
The ITT building is behind the "Extended Stay" hotel. 

Please use the front entrance, on the west side of the ITT building, which faces the back of the hotel.



ODSIG's PURPOSE is to provide a forum for both internal and external practitioners in OD and performance consulting to acquire and share knowledge of experiences, best practices, trends, and methodologies/tools in the OD profession.



In an effort to prepare appropriately, it would be a great help to know who is planning to to attend.

To attend RSVP to mailto:kdlinder@verizon.net






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