2021 Board of Directors

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions in the future, or in getting involved in other ways, please contact volunteer@atdsuncoast.org.

 Role Name  Photo    Phone  Email 
President Nate Salatin

540.292.3394 president@atdsuncoast.org
President Elect Michelle Beckert

727.418.7645 presidentelect@atdsuncoast.org
VP, Finance
Chackras "Chad" Smith
VP, Membership
Jorgie Franks-Bell

 813-239-4681  vp_membership@atdsuncoast.org
VP, Programs & Workshops Nina Hirota

202-550-8815 vp_programs@atdsuncoast.org
VP, Marketing & Communications Kari Word

 727.710.2480 vp_marketing@atdsuncoast.org
VP, Operations
Daniela Echeverri
VP, Communities of Practice
Sean McGinty
    813.300.4701  vp_communities@atdsuncoast.org
 Past President  Pia Proal
   508.878.8907  pastpresident@atdsuncoast.org

2021 Leadership Team

 Role Name  Photo  Phone  Email 


Consultancy SIG Manager

Jenn Buckley 813.323.5852
L-Tech SIG Manager

Sarasota GIG Co-Manager Jo Ann Froman 941.355.2721  sarasota@atdsuncoast.org
Sarasota GIG Co-Manager,

Certification Manager
Lori Roth
Higher Education GIG Kari Knisely   727.710.2480  highered@atdsuncoast.org
Sponsor Manager
 Jenn Zeinner
Social Media Manager
 Julia Smith
Volunteer Manager
 Diane Fox
  734.945.9022  volunteer@atdsuncoast.org 
Registration Manager
 Nina Hirota

Past Presidents

The ATD Florida Suncoast Chapter (formerly the ASTD Suncoast Chapter) is very fortunate to have a 40+ year long history of great leadership.  While we are grateful to everyone who has volunteered in leadership roles during that time, we want to give special thanks and recognition to our past presidents.


 Pia Proal
 Jenn Buckley
 Nick Elkins2016-2017
 Clara Rose2015
 Steve Cascone 2014
 Vicky Allen 2013
 Jean Slepecky 2011-2012
 Carole Gill 2010
 Gina Haberman 2009
 Ed Nolan 2008
 Pat Smolen 2006-2007
 Jennifer Seavey 2005-2006
 Daniel Birch 2005
 Peter Sprague 2004
 Rod Juardo 2003
 Elvis Keith Lester 2002
 Joy Fletcher 1999-2001
 Anne Marie Campbell 1998
 Joe Jones 1997
 Pat Smolen 1996
 Charles (Chuck) Copeland 1995
 Judy Morris Hardy 1993 (5 months)
 Joan Zukowski 1993 (7 months)
 Arlene Newman 1992
 Todd Grubb 1991
 Mike Shahnasarian 1990
 Mike Canfield 1989
 Jane (Rose) Gschwender 1988
 Bob Kerns 1987 (10 months)
 Brigit Berry 1987 (2 months)
 Cindy Potts 1986
 LaDonna Hansen 1985
 Margene Kramer 1984
 Art Worth 1983
 Beth Klement 1982
 Gloria James 1981
 Joanne (Timmer) Zabaldo 1980
 Carol Prevaux Maier 1978 (6 months)-1979
 Alex Tice  1977-1978 (6 months)
 Shannon Johnson  1976
 Shirley Colmare  1975
 Bob Chilton  1974


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