ODSIG presents: Adventures in... Leadership Interventions

  • November 01, 2013
  • 9:15 AM - 12:30 PM
  • OD-SIG of Tampa Bay: November 1 Meeting 9:30 am - 12:30 pm (CHANGE..!!!) LOCATION: STRAYER University, 4902 Eisenhower Blvd N, Tampa(CHANGE..!!!)


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Adventures in... 

Leadership Interventions  

Felicia Bettini will take the helm for facilitating this month's session, and will lead us on a discussion-adventure through what is perhaps the deepest, darkest jungle of them all... our own experiences!

As many of you know, Felicia is celebrating her recent PhD with a dissertation on Leadership Style & Performance. As the planning for this session progressed, energy formed around the idea of her using the diversity of her academic, "theoretic" knowledge to corral the diversity of practical wisdom(s) represented by our participants. Felicia will bring a leader focused case-history, and prompt our discussion towards the shifts in perspective that prove to be so enriching in our gatherings.


With a few minutes of reflection regarding the "Pre-Think" described below, Felicia will guide our discussions through the lenses we've been using... individual, team, and organizational interventions... and, who  knows, we may discover other lenses as well!


Join us at our new, Strayer University location on November 1.


Our Process

Felicia will facilitate small and large group discussions.


* RSVP (helps us prepare!)

*  Do simple pre-work

Arrive ready to start at 9:30 (NOTE: This is 15 minutes later than our usual start time. AND we are experiemening with ending later, at 12:30, to maintain our 3 hour format.)


Felicia Bettini, PhDour presenter-facilitator  for November 1  

Felicia represents in her own background the diversity or our group's perspectives. Her early corporate work fueled her service business entrepreneurship (working with the more creative types in the theater world) which in turn has fueled her recent return to academia.. and now forward into a business consulting practice based on this rich experience. Felicia has become a familiar face at OD-SIG, and we appreciate her stepping up to lead this meeting!






* RSVP (helps us prepare!)

*  Do simple pre-work

Arrive ready to start at 9:30 (NOTE: This is 15 minutes later than our usual start time)


Our time & location:

Our time & location:

Friday, November 1st    Program: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM 

STRAYER University

4902 Eisenhower Blvd.****

Suite 100 (We'll be in room 206)

Tampa FL 33634


**** Entrance is from southbound Eisenhower (one-way only.) Take an immediate right into the parking lot on the right, which is Visitor's Parking (and not clearly marked.)


Thanks to out host: 

   Kevin McLaughlin

   STRAYER Admissions Manager

   kevin.mclaughlin@strayer.edu             (813) 889-4417  


ODSIG's PURPOSE is to provide a forum for both internal and external practitioners in OD and performance consulting to acquire and share knowledge of experiences, best practices, trends, and methodologies/tools in the OD profession.



In an effort to prepare appropriately, it would be a great help to know who is planning to to attend.

To attend RSVP to tflood2@me.com or kdlinder@verizon.net






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