"Creating a Discovery Process that Taps the Well of Soul-Values-Culture Awareness"

  • May 03, 2013
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • ODSIG at National Louis University, 4950 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa FL RSVP to tflood2@me.com and kdlinder@verizon.net Presentation Topic Organizational Development


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Our deeper dive for 2013 continues ...

Let's clean up our culture-conversation!

This month we'll build on our previous conversations to explore culture in organizations. The questions to guide our time together will include, loosely, a sort of "housekeeping" theme:

"Why is a discussion of culture in organizations important?"

"How can we make use

of insights into the culture of an organization?"

Allison Gundersen (see bio below) will guide our discussions, and has asked that those attending do a bit of "pre-think" before arriving. For this she suggests a quick reflection on the following definition from columnist David Brooks:

"Culture is a collection of habits, practices, beliefs, arguments, and tensions that regulates and guides human life.

"Culture transmits certain practical solutions to everyday problems-- how to avoid poisonous plants, how to form successful family structures.

"Culture also... educates the

emotions. It consists of the narratives, holidays, symbols, and works of art that contain implicit and often unnoticed messages about how to feel, how to respond, how to divine meaning."


(aka pre-work!)

Review the David Brooks definition of culture (above).

Remember how we routinely see symbols, rituals, myths and stories in organizations.

Think of a story from an organization you've been involved with where culture has contributed significantly to its success:

What positive aspects of the culture stood out?


What would you most like to learn from our organizational culture discussion?

Ongoing themes for 2013:

How might considerations of the more accessible concept of "individual soul," illuminate a newer idea like "organizational soul?"

How might the more familiar inquiry into "organizational culture,"

open a newer understanding

like "individual culture?"

How do soul and culture, whether individual or organizational, impact our work as OD professionals?

In what ways should we, as OD professionals, hope to impact either soul or culture... at individual, team or organizational levels?

Allison Gundersen

our presenter-facilitator

for May 3

Allison Gundersen received her M.S. in Organizational Behavior from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, M.A. in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University, and A.B. from Cornell University. She has extensive experience managing and consulting in information technology and investment banking worldwide, having been based in both Tokyo and New York City. Her global management work has focused on leadership, diverse teams, global responsibilities, and expatriation. Allison is a certified administrator of both the Global Competencies Inventory and the Intercultural Effectiveness Survey, and the co-author of the fifth edition of International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior with the original author, Nancy J. Adler.

Our Process

As indicated above, our intent is to work as much as possible with direct input from our attendees.


* RSVP (helps us prepare!) to tflodd2@me.com

* Do simple pre-work


Our time & location:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Networking 9:00 AM
Program: 9:15 AM - Noon

National Louis University

4950 West Kennedy Boulevard

Tampa, 33609


OD SIG's purpose
is to provide a forum for
both internal and external practitioners in OD and performance consulting to acquire and share knowledge of experiences, best practices, trends, and methodologies/tools
in the OD profession.

Thanks to out hosts:

Jarine Dodson

Dr. George Valcourt

To attend RSVP to tflood2@me.com or kdlinder@verizon.net




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