"Creating a Discovery Process that Taps the Well of Soul-Values-Culture Awareness"

  • April 05, 2013
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • ODSIG at National Louis University, 4950 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa FL RSVP to tflood2@me.com Presentation Topic Organizational Development



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Our deeper dive for 2013 continues ...
... creating a discovery process that taps the well of
soul-values-culture awareness


The April meeting will continue our interactive exploration on how subtle attributes from the "soul-values-culture" continuum intersect and instruct our areas of concern as OD professionals-- the individual, the team, and the organization itself. Our February meeting framed these themes in a storytelling context. Our April meeting will attempt (courageously!) a "group creation."

Referencing a collation of "soul-culture-values" definitions priorly harvested from our group, we will collect and organize real-world "discovery" examples brought by all our April participants in response to the pre-work described below. Small groups will continue a discussion/refinement process... and the yield will be elements to strengthen any discovery-diagnosis process any one of us might use.

it is hoped that this exercise will deepen our insights to the questions raised as themes for this year:

How might considerations of the more accessible concept of "individual soul,"
illuminate a newer idea like
"organizational soul?"
How might the more familiar inquiry into the concept of "organizational culture,"
open a newer understanding like "individual culture?"
How do soul and culture, whether individual or organizational, impact our work as
OD professionals?
In what ways should we, as OD professionals, hope to impact either soul or culture... at individual, team or
organizational levels? 


(aka pre-work!)

Call to mind any examples of what you have learned about organizational "soul-values-culture" in your past and how it has informed your work?

If possible: choose one of these real world experiences in which you realized that a "soul-values-culture" theme was the essence of the situation confronting you, and consider: if this essence had a voice, how might you have listened for it?
1. How do we listen for the organizational voice? What might it tell us? When and where might we hear it? How does it sound? Why is it expressing NOW??

2. How might we sharpen our senses so that we can hear it earlier, more fully?

3. What boundaries might exist around our incorporating that knowledge in our work with the organization, its teams, and individuals.

4. Could/should we incorporate teaching our client (ind., team, whole org) about how to listen for the voice as a way to be more effective and healthy within the organization.

Our Process

As indicated above, our intent is to work as much as possible with direct input from our attendees.


* RSVP (helps us prepare!) to tflodd2@me.com

* Do simple pre-work


Our time & location:

Friday, April 5, 2013

Networking 9:00 AM
Program: 9:15 AM - Noon

National Louis University

4950 West Kennedy Boulevard

Tampa, 33609


OD SIG's purpose
is to provide a forum for
both internal and external practitioners in OD and performance consulting to acquire and share knowledge of experiences, best practices, trends, and methodologies/tools
in the OD profession.

Thanks to out hosts:

Jarine Dodson

Dr. George Valcourt

To attend RSVP to tflood2@me.com



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