Shut Up and Listen - Effective Communication for Clarity and Understanding

  • May 17, 2012
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Location: Feather Sound Country Club, 2201 Feather Sound Drive, Clearwater


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Shut Up and Listen - Effective Communication for Clarity and Understanding

Facilitator: Rusty Fox - Sandler Training

About the Program: The ability to communicate effectively is essential in both your personal and professional lives.  Truly effective communication is a multi-step, closed-loop process. Each step has the potential to influence the message being communicated in a manner that may increase or decrease its clarity and ability to be readily understood.

We will examine the  – the words, the tonality with three components of communication which the words are spoken, and the body language that accompanies the words – each of which contributes in varying degrees to the total message. When all three components are congruent, they unify and strengthen the message. When they are not, they weaken or blur the message which can give rise to misinterpretation, misunderstandings, and poor communication in the form of “dueling monologues.”  We will also explore the channels through which messages can be transmitted and the concept of listening with a view toward understanding.  Further, we’ll address the concepts of restatement and paraphrase as active listening techniques


About the Facilitator:

Rusty has more than 25 years experience in sales, sales management, sales training, client development practices to lawyers and CPA’s, and ownership of companies with large sales teams.  As a disciple of the Sandler System, he has successfully trained hundreds of sales professionals in both telephone and face to face sales in the arena of Business to Business, as well as Business to Consumer sales dealing in both tangible and intangible products and services.   After a successful career in sales and sales management in the commercial real estate industry, then ownership of multiple Advertising franchises, he purchased a Sandler Training Franchise, and is now realizing his lifelong goal of working with professionals to take their business development skills to a higher level. He also has many years of experience teaching Leadership and Mentoring Programs, as well as Strategic Customer Care.  Sandler is a 42 year old international business development training and management consulting company based in Baltimore, Maryland, with 220 locations worldwide.

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