Leading and Leadership - OD SIG

  • March 02, 2012
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • DBM (Drake, Beam, Morin) 2701 N. Rocky Point Drive, Suite 980 Tampa, FL 33607

Leading & Leadership" was the topic selected by attendees at the January meeting for our first 3-meeting topic, as we experiment with formats for our gatherings in 2012.


There is ample complexity to address!


"Leadership" is a word used to cover a lot of ground. It can mean... 

  • Leading one's private life, or presiding over a complex organization with hundreds of thousands of employees. 
  • Creating a spiritual movement, or running for office. 
  • Being a "thought leader," or coordinating a small, ad-hoc group through a challenging situation, with no formal authority.

"Leadership Training Program" is a title to conjure up several thoughts...

  • Remembering attendance at one or more, and what that was like.
  • Designing and conducting one, or many. 
  • Wondering, "What good do they do?  How can we know?"
  • Asking "Are we training revolutionaries, or politicians? Superheroes, or mild mannered reporters? Or, does one size fit all?"

Join us as we begin to re-think "Leadership"... the word, the concept, the application. Together we will mine our collective experience for ways to strengthen it, whatever it is, in individuals, AND in groups, AND in organizations. 


This first (March 2) in a series of 3 meetings is designed for engaging discussion, using OD tools and group processes. Potential formats for April and May meetings will be prepared, but certainly influenced (or created by) those in attendance at the March meeting.

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