SR HRD Forum -Powering Up: Energizing Yourself and Others

  • March 16, 2012
  • 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Location: Safety Harbor Spa, Bayshore Blvd, Safety Harbor


Powering UP: Energizing Yourself and Others

Presented by Dr. Mary Lippitt, Enterprise Management

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: Power is an essential part of our personal and organizational lives. Just like our personal use of power is expanding with solar, thermal or other new sources, we also need to re-examine power within organizations. It is the basis of leadership and the foundation for the organization’s culture.

Power is the ability to act and influence. In fact, power is at the very root of leadership and an organization’s culture. It is no surprise that we yearn to see power used wisely and, when it is, we celebrate it as empowerment, engagement, talent development and high trust. Only the effective use of power can create high-performance organizations.

Our next session will provide you an opportunity to re-look at power and its role in building an organization’s culture, learn new and expanding sources of power and assess your own personal power practices. So set your current understanding of power aside, come spend some time with like-minded colleagues and take a fresh new look at POWER!

You will have the opportunity to take an online Leadership Power Levers inventory prior the session. When you register, a User Name and Password will be sent to you.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Dr. Mary Lippitt is from Enterprise Management Ltd., a twenty-five year old firm that specializes in executive development, the execution of strategic goals, and executive coaching. Her book, The Leadership Spectrum: 6 Business Priorities That Get Results, earned the Best Business Book Award and her firm was awarded the Top Ten Training Product of the Year Award from Human Resource Executive.

With advanced degrees in public and business administration, Mary provides exciting, cutting-edge ideas, and practical tools to help clients achieve desired short-term and long-term results. Her corporate work includes Lockheed Martin, Marriott, CSX, Blue Cross, and Bealls Inc. In 2009, she co-authored Discover Your Inner Strengths with Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey.

Tampa is Mary’s third move to Florida, and she intends to stay this time, even though her last arrival coincided with the arrival of Hurricane Charley.

$30 for Sr HRD and ASTD Suncoast Members
$40 for Guests

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