Dealing with Difficult People

  • February 16, 2012
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Location: Feather Sound Country Club, 2201 Feather Sound Drive, Clearwater


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Dealing with Difficult People – Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Facilitators: Carole Gill, CRG Coaching and Jim Richardson, Paradigm Coaching Group

In today’s rapidly changing work environments, success is dependent on our ability to develop and maintain productive relationships. Successful people create effective relationships by first developing a thorough understanding of themselves, their priorities and motivators. The next step is to develop an understanding of where others are coming from and to explore what motivates them. Identifying the differences in others’ actions, understanding their preferences, and learning to adapt your approach will increase communication effectiveness, collaboration and teamwork.

Just as we each have our own unique appearance, skills and talents; we also have our own unique ways of doing things and relating to others. People usually don’t do things intentionally to make our jobs difficult. However, they may annoy us because they behave differently than we do.

Participants will explore their own behavioral style, as well as learn about the styles and preferences of others. Everyone can put these skills into action to improve their performance. This session is a great starting point to developing Self Awareness, which is the cornerstone competency of Emotional Intelligence. Building on self-awareness, participants will be provided with strategies that can be implemented immediately to improve relationships and communication with others.

Key learning objectives or key “take-aways” for the Presentation:

  • Increase self awareness, the cornerstone of emotional intelligence.
  • Identify the behavioral strengths you bring to each of your relationships.
  • Explore how the strengths of other people are different from yours.
  • Identify success strategies that will help you work more effectively with your customers, co-workers, peers and your manager.

All participants will be provided with a complimentary DiSC Workplace® Profile, the third generation of DiSC® ($50 value)

About the Speakers

Carole Gill is an Executive Coach and Management Consultant who brings practical experience from a successful 20+ year career in corporate America and more than a decade of consulting experience. Her work focuses on helping leaders and their teams attain and sustain outstanding operational results. She has designed and implemented long-term organization development initiatives to create and support high-performance work environments; increasing employee engagement and overall profitability.

Carole takes a dynamic approach that uses current “best practices” in leadership to teach individuals to become more effective leaders, communicators, collaborators and team builders.

Jim Richardson is an International Executive Coach and Management Consultant who helps organizations maximize individual and team performance.

Jim draws on more than 30 years of management expertise, organizational knowledge and consulting experience to deliver performance-based development programs and executive coaching services for business leaders and their teams. His work is focused on optimizing leadership performance, team effectiveness, change strategies, employee engagement, service excellence, organizational design, quality improvement and talent management.

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