2017 Gamification Certification Workshops offered by ATD Central Florida

  • March 25, 2017
  • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Stetson University, Celebration Campus, 800 Celebration Ave., Room 109, Celebration, FL 34747

2017 Gamification Certification Workshops offered by
ATD Central Florida

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Adding gaming dimensions to corporate training programs is the new hot topic. This hands-on, workshop presented by Monica Cornetti & Jonathan Peters of the Sententia Games team, takes you through the process of gamifiying a training program.

Link: http://www.tdcentralflorida.org/event-2412862

You’ll learn how to:

  • Define your measurable business objectives and determine how Gamification will help you to achieve your objectives
  • Weave analogies and stories to make the training stickable – so that players remember facts and transfer skills to real world scenarios
  • Create the right mix of ingredients and next steps in your learning activities to allow the participants to acquire knowledge and skill
  • Identify the game elements (points, badges, leaderboards, etc.) and game mechanics (chance, competition, collaboration, rewards, etc.) you will use
  • Construct a consistent, attractive - even charming and captivating - cohesiveness that ties the entire project together
  • Answer the question:  Is it fun?

Take our Level 1 or 2 Gamification workshop and become a Gamification Apprentice or Journeyman!  

Level 1: Apprentice

In this 6-hour certification program (March 25) you will use L&D case studies as you overlay the 5-step Game the System™ model for gamification learning design, gather data, and participate in problem-solving and assessment exercises. Upon completion of the Level 1 Certification the Gamification Apprentice you will demonstrate an introductory understanding of all components used to apply the Game the System™  gamification design overlay to an L&D program.

Click here for detailed Level 1 description

Level 2: Journeyman

This hands-on 2-day (March 27 & March 28) class takes you through the 7-stage Sententia Gamification Design Framework. You will explore AND apply game mechanics (such as points, levels, challenges, rewards, chance, collaboration) linked to core human desires such as power, status, relationships, autonomy, progress, mastery, and purpose. By the end of this 12-hour certification program, through our proven reverse engineering process, you will be able to map the Sententia Gamification Design Framework to a case study, assess best practices, and demonstrate applied competence in the application of gamification strategy design to a talent development case study.

Click here for detailed Level 2 description

When learning is fun, people remember, apply, and return to the learning. Come play with us. . . register today!

If you have questions please email professionaldev@tdcentralflorida.org
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