ODSIG Presents a Case Study in Diagnosis and Intervention

  • June 06, 2014
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • National Louis University 5110 Eisenhower Boulevard South, Tampa, FL


  • to register email klinder@verizon.net

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OD-SIG of Tampa Bay, June Gathering

Friday, June 6, 2014, 9am-12pm

Location: National Louis University

5110 Eisenhower Boulevard South, Tampa, FL

Case Study in Diagnosis and Intervention

This month, we’ll have the opportunity to a look at an applied OD process, utilizing a variation of the case study method. (We started scheduling sessions like this last Fall, we started scheduling sessions like this last Fall and plan to do so periodically … keeping it real!)

The case: a large North American company is having trouble attracting and retaining truck drivers in an expanding economy.  After positing some preliminary diagnosis of the most likely issues, we will move into a discussion of how a team of consultants would design and implement a trial intervention, and then how to adapt learning from the trial to a full company roll-out. 

The session will be set-up and facilitated by Kent Linder, whose knowledge of the actual case will help keep our dialogues and discussions both lively and on point.

Our intent is to have plenty of discussion time for exploring topics such as:

  • How do we deal with an amorphous presenting problem in a system that wants “it” fixed immediately?
  • What are the obstacles to external and internal OD resources working together effectively and painlessly?
  • How do we deal with complexity when there is pressure to “keep it simple?”
  • How might we manage flexibility into interventions, to responsibly address the needs (or overcome the resistances) of local leaders.
  • How do we scale locally successful pilot programs into a company-wide roll-out?

“Pre- Think”

Before the session:  Imagine client has a presenting issue of system-wide employee (truck driver) attraction/retention, severe enough to impair core work of the organization. What are your initial suspicions about what might be the problem(s)?

In session: We will create a list of these possible problems during our introductory/check-in circle, and then follow the case where the energy leads us.

We hope to see you June 6th

To register please email Kent Linder as follows:



Kent Linder is a large-systems consultant, and an inveterate ukulele aficionado. A long-term participant in OD-SIG. Kent will work to keep the conversation moving.

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