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The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) is a credential for learning and performance professionals offered by the ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI).  It is broad-based and addresses ten areas of expertise as defined by the ATD Competency Model:  Instructional Design, Training Delivery, Performance Improvement, Evaluating Learning Impact, Managing Learning Programs, Coaching, Integrated Talent Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, and Learning Technologies.

CPLP credentialing represents a level of professional achievement and competence. Just as important, achieving the credential demonstrates proficiency in support of learners and organizational performance and sets a standard of commitment to the learning and development profession.  Becoming CPLP certified makes you a leader as well as a role model in the learning and development community.

For more details on becoming a CPLP, check out the Candidates page of ATD's website.

Congratulations to Chris Lumia for earning the first CPLP Scholarship!!


Awarded to Chris by Rebecca Bales of Lumina Learning

NEW!  CPLP Scholarship

CPLP Scholarship - All the details...

Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) is the premier Learning and Development certification.  Becoming certified can build your skills, increase your earning potential, broaden your career opportunities, and unite you with an elite community of professionals. Lumina Learning has generously provided the funds for the ATD Florida Suncoast CPLP Scholarship for 2018 and 2019.


    • ATD Power Member
    • Member of ATD Suncoast Chapter
    • Meet all requirements for CPLP certification
    • Complete CPLP Scholarship Application
    • Registered for CPLP upcoming testing window within the testing year

$1000 Scholarship includes:

*CPLP Testing Fees $900.00 USD

    • Knowledge exam seat
    • Knowledge exam score report
    • Skills Application Exam (SAE) seat
    • SAE score report
    • CPLP certificate and lapel pin

* Study materials

      • ATD Learning System $100

Details:  CPLP Scholarship Sponsor responsibilities

    • $900 for the recipient of the CPLP Scholarship
    • Participate on committee to choose CPLP Scholarship recipient
    • Attend ATD Suncoast meeting to present scholarship to recipient

Sponsor: Lumina Learning

    • Name and Logo is on scholarship (branding & marketing)
    • ASCEND Conference to present scholarship
    • Thank you from Scholarship recipient

Criteria: Recipient of CPLP scholarship must describe and demonstrate dedication to the field of talent development and volunteer characteristics.  Upon selection of scholarship, recipient will receive $800 to apply to the CPLP Certification.  After volunteering for 10 hours for ATD Florida Suncoast chapter, recipient will receive the remaining $200.  Volunteer hours must be completed either one year before or 6 months after the CPLP scholarship is presented.  If scholarship winner has volunteered at ATD Florida Suncoast chapter for 10 hours at least 1 year before winning the scholarship, he/she will be presented the entire amount of $1000 to apply toward the CPLP Certification.

Click here to download the CPLP Scholarship Application

Why Should You Become a CPLP?               

ATD estimates that 78,000 people have or will enter the training and development field between 2004 and 2014.

Only 1,604 professionals can claim the CPLP designation!
(Data as of the November 2013.)

Plus, more and more major organizations (like the ones listed below) support the CPLP designation through job requirements and programs to support their employees in the certification process.

Becoming a CPLP helps you stand out in our growing field!  Additionally, you will get the benefit of establishing credibility, gaining confidence and proving your value and impact to your organization and clients.

Additional CPLP Information

Use the links below to learn more about the value and process of becoming a CPLP.

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